How to add or remove PTO/PTA parent admin accounts

How to add or remove PTO/PTA parent admin accounts

Parents at a school can be granted special administrative permissions on HelpAtSchools that allow them to:
  1. Manage ANY volunteer signup at the school.
  2. View directory opt-in statistics and download directory data.
  3. View and search historical volunteer information.
  4. Edit the "About our school" page.
To grant or rescind "pto_admin" permissions:
  1. Go to Admin->Manage Users
  2. Search for and find the parent.
  3. Click on the small "change" link in the "Role" column.
  4. In the Change User Role window, select "PTO Administrator" from the New Role list.
    IMPORTANT: NEVER give any parent a "Staff with Admin Privileges" or "School Registrar" role.  That is a security risk.
  5. Click Change Role.
To quickly see which parents have PTO_admin roles at the school:
  1. Go to Admin->Manage Users and type "PTO_admin" in the search field.
  2. To rescind PTO_admin permissions, click on the "change" link in the "Role" column.
  3. Select Verified Parent or Staff and click Change Role.

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